Cat Grooming

Treat your kitty to a day at the spa

Cat Grooming Services

Serving Hastings, NE with quality grooming since 2016.


Includes brushing, warm water bath, blow dry, nails, anal expression, and ears cleaned.


Price may vary depending on the condition of their coat

Lion Cuts

Brushing, warm water bath, blow dry, nails, anal expression, and ears cleaned. Includes complete shave down. 


Price may vary depending on the condition of their coat

Nail Capping

Cap all front nails on your pet (including the dew claws). Helps with household scratching. Caps are pet safe and chew-proof. 


Prices will vary based on the condition, quality, and length of the coat. The owner will be notified if additional charges may be necessary including a special handling fee.

*Express Groom & Saturdays will include an extra fee.

*Must give a 24-hour cancelation notice or a $25 fee will be applied

Benefits of Cat Grooming

Reduce fleas & ticks

For outdoors cats, fleas and ticks will be easier to detect on a clean healthy coat. We use a flea and tick repelling shampoo and conditioner. Fleas and ticks are naturally attracted to grim and dirt so a well-maintained coat naturally repels parasites. 

Comfort from heat

The de-shed process pulls out dead hair and excessive sebum which insolates a pet in the summer months. The importance in the winter months is to regulate temperature properly, as double-coated pets have a muscle that they can raise up and down to regulate body temperature. 

Healthier Coat & Reduce Shedding

Most cats are double-coated, double-coated pets drop their coat every 21 days so sticking to a regular grooming schedule reduces shedding by 80%. Our process of maintaining healthy coats eliminates skin problems including dander or dry skin, fleas and ticks, fungus, bacteria, and excessive oil build-up. 

Floating Item

Some Cool Cats

Why Palace of Paws?

At Palace of Paws, we focus our attention not only on the look but on the health of your cat. Our highly trained staff will assess your cat’s health during each grooming appointment, letting you know if there are any hidden bumps or other health issues that may need a deeper check. We take pride in our ability to connect with each animal and give them a comfortable experience in our care. Palace of Paws Cat Grooming has your pet’s best interest in mind.

Cat Calls

Sarah K.

She [Katie] is very patient and takes her time to do a nice job

"We’ve been taking our ragdoll cat to Katie for several years now and she does a wonderful job. She’s very patient, takes her time to do a nice job, and schedules when convenient for me. Would highly recommend it!"

Carrie N.

Best grooming in town

"Amazing girls! They give the best grooming in town and are great to work with!"

Traci V.

Wonderful person and an excellent groomer

"Katie is a wonderful person and an excellent groomer...Bif adores her and Katie makes him smell good... lol!"


Monday - Tuesday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
12:00 AM - 3:00 PM


828 W 2nd St

Downtown Hastings, NE 68901


(402) 462-5000