Getgie Pet Deshedding Tool (2.5 in)


Petgle’s powerful de-shedding tool can effectively reduce shedding by removing your pet’s dead, loose undercoat.
The 2.5” version is especially for use with small to medium size pets, such as Beagles, Jack Russell Terriers, etc.

The blade on the pet grooming brush has been designed for both short-haired and long-haired pets (especially those whose hair is between 1.2inches to 2.8 inches). The ergonomically designed handle provides comfort and ease of use, making your grooming experience a pleasure for both you and your pet.

The handles are specially manufactured TPE & PP which are made from eco-friendly materials. These materials are used in place of silicone which pet hair tends to stick to. Instead, the TPE & PP handle repels pet hair and stays comfortable in the hand. With adequate care and maintenance, our de-shedding Comb will provide you with many years of comfort and ease of use.



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