SmartyKat Sweet Greens


SmartyKat Sweet Greens Grow Kits for Cats & Kittens, Includes Potting Soil & Container

  • EASY-TO-GROW KIT: The SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass Seed Kit is an easy way to give your kitty a natural grass treat; This all-in-one kit comes with organic oat seeds and just the right amount of potting soil - all you have to do is add water
  • HEALTHY & DELICIOUS CAT TREATS: Sweet Greens sprouts of certified organic oat grass seeds you grow in an Easy-To-Grow kit; Add water and watch as seeds start to sprout in just a few days; You'll have a patch of sweet greens for your cat to nibble
  • ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & MINERALS: Kit ensures your cat gets plenty of greens they need to improve digestion, limit hairballs, and also get essential vitamins & nutrients. Also provides roughage, and gives cats a safe option to nibbling on houseplants
  • TESTED FOR SAFETY: SmartyKat always makes safety a priority, which meet child safety standards; They do not contain small parts, long cords, or other hazards, ensuring kids in the home are safe, whether they are two-footed or four-pawed
  • ABOUT US: SmartyKat creates stylish cat products to help pet owners meet all needs of their cats; From scratchers to catnip, all products are designed to stimulate a particular feline need while also strengthening the bond between you and your cat
  • The kit includes seeds and soil approved for organic gardening and a potting container
  • Sweet greens are tasty sprouts of certified organic oat grass seeds you grow yourself in a simple easy to grow kit
  • Add water for delicious greens in days
  • Available in a 1-ounce pack


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